More photos of Melody, and our new fella Archie. 15hh 9 yr old Quarter Horse gelding, trained in dressage by a 3-day eventer. He’s a lump of a horse.

40 Hour Famine 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I’m doing the World Vision 40 Hour Famine on 16-18 August. I’ve decided to go without technology (not including my camera) for 40 hours to raise money to help kids around the world who are suffering because of chronic hunger. I’m giving up for 40 hours, so I’m hoping you can give up some of your hard-earned cash to support me with a donation.

My goal is to raise $100.

You can donate easily online via my fundraising page:

Thanks so much for your help

Park Photoshoot

Banjo & Grace

Ipswich Show Equestrian Section 2013

WCC Athletics Carnival 2013